Want to mix things up a bit? Coloured appliances are coming back in – Cool!

As White & Stainless are becoming a norm, coloured appliances are coming back in. See below for some pictures & prices. At the bottom there is another picture of a kitchen – Cool!!!!



1. Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer, $450: A colourful kitchen shouldn’t overwhelm. Introduce splashes of brights in baby steps. The classic mixer is a must for any burgeoning chef (honestly, there’s no end to what a good mixer can do), and now comes in a host of awesome colours. Try matching your kitchen linens to a mixer left out for counter appeal, it’ll create a cohesive design without going overboard.


2. IKEA Fondue Set, $50: For your next big party, let a bright blue fondue set be the centre of attention. Match with white and red table linens and you’ll have a French-inspired fondue feast.


3. Big Chill Fridges, $2495: These retro-style fridges come in a huge range of colours from mint green to baby pink, giving kitchens a much-needed dose of personality. Just don’t expect any ’60s-inspired Jello molds lurking inside. While the design is vintage, the technology is all modern, and that bolt of colour couldn’t be more current.


4. Bodum Bistro Toaster, $50: A clean, uncluttered counter is always ideal, but if you have to pile on the appliances, the least you can do is make them pleasing to the eye. This futuristic-looking toaster comes in a host of colours, but hot pink would look best in a sleek white and black kitchen with chrome appliances.


5. Le Cresuset Teakettle, $87: Traditional teatime has a reputation for being…well, a tad boring. Introduce this kettle in lime green and the only thing spicier on your table will be the delicious Masala Chai you serve. Purchase milk and sugar serving ware in complementing colours for a set that looks like a collector’s edition. If you’re prone to frequent redecorating, investing in smaller colourful pieces is a wise choice. They’re less expensive to replace, or can be easily tucked away in a cupboard between uses.


6. Cuinart Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker, $90: Investing in a new kitchen toy? This frozen-treat maker is the sweetest gift for any cooking enthusiast, and in yellow, it’ll match your delicious homemade sorbet perfectly.

7. Northstar Stoves, $3895-$4495: Everyone knows all the action happens around the oven, so make it the focal point of your design scheme by finding one in a striking colour. A red stove would work perfectly paired with a Scandinavian-inspired motif. Think raw wood, black and white splashes, and that fiery red stove…. absolute perfection!

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